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Branding FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: Smiths Interconnect Branding

The following are answers to frequently asked questions about the Smiths Interconnect branding strategy that was launched 1 March 2017.

Q: Why are the Smiths Connectors, Smiths Microwave Components and Smiths Microwave Subsystems businesses transitioning to the Smiths Interconnect brand?
A: There are substantial, increasing synergies in the technologies and markets served by the Connectors, Components and Subsystems businesses. Bringing them under the banner of the Smiths Interconnect brand simplifies the relationship among the brands for customers and communicates their combined value. Providing a distinct umbrella brand that supports the legacy products and technology brands makes it easy to navigate between and communicate about our broad offering.

Q: Why are Microwave Telecoms brands (Kaelus, PolyPhaser, Radiowaves and Transtector) not included in the rebranding?
A: Kaelus, PolyPhaser, Radiowaves and Transtector do not generally share the same markets and customers as the Connectors, Components and Subsystems businesses and will therefore retain their current brands that are well recognized in their respective markets.

Q: Will Microwave Subsystems be fully embedded into Smiths Interconnect?
A: Microwave Subsystems is kept as a separate entity, though linked to Interconnect, to comply with the Special Security Agreement ruling the activities of the entities that work with the US Government.

Q: How are existing contracts affected?
A: It is expected that contracts will be transferred (as appropriate) during 2018 to the relevant legal entity (excluding those businesses within the Special Security Agreement). Where possible contracts will be amended when they are due for renewal or review, in order to minimize customer disruption. More information will be provided when this period nears.

Q: To which company's name should orders/invoices be addressed?
A: Until further notice, all legal documents should be addressed as they are currently. Further information and documentation will be provided in due course. 

Q: Will the current legal entities change their legal name to Smiths Interconnect?
A: As part of our drive to simplify how our customers do business with us and to make our internal processes more efficient we have undertaken and effort to simplify our legal entity structure.  We will share more details as the final plans take shape.

Q: Will there be one sales point of contact in the field for all of the technology brands of Connectors, Microwave Components and Microwave Subsystems?
A: Components and Connectors customers will have a single point of contact within the Sales organization or via the Distribution network. Subsystems customers will be served by a separate field organization that is already aligned to provide a single POC for Subsystems' technology brands. We have also established a Key Account program for our most important customers.  Each of these will have a Key Account Manager who will the focal point for all Components, Connectors and Subsystem activities at those accounts.

Q: Will distributors remain the same? Will all distributors carry all brands?
A: Smiths Interconnect establishes distributor relationships based on their expertise in each market, therefore any given distributor will carry the products relevant to the markets in which they operate. 

Q: How are certifications and patents held by the technology brands affected?
A: Upon confirmation of a new legal structure aligned with the brand architecture, the certifications and patents will be transferred accordingly. Customers should remain unaffected by this.

Q: Will the rebranding affect product markings?
A: Yes, new products will have the new branding. Existing products will maintain their current branding until there is significant modification warranting new tools and dies, at which point the new branding will be implemented. 

Q: Why does the Sabritec brand no longer appear in collateral?
A: Whilst Sabritec will continue as a legal entity for a period of time, the brand will be integrated within Smiths Interconnect. All existing contracts will remain unaffected.