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Semi-Rigid AL085LLSP

This .085″ diameter low loss cable has a silver plated aluminum jacket with an extruded dielectric and a 77% velocity. This cable is an excellent lightweight choice for satellite applications and where stable electrical performance over extreme temperatures may be required. Because of its unique dielectric, assemblies are often sold in straight lengths and later hand-formed in the field. With a center conductor of .023″ some standard connectors may be used, however, some connector interfaces may be special. Precision SMA and 2.9mm (K) plugs are readily available. Please check with the Sales Department for any special forming or connector requirements.

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Phase vs Temperature


  • Very hand-formable
  • Lower insertion loss than standard RG405 type cables
  • Light weight
  • Stable over temperature changes
  • Space approved construction

Typical Applications

  • Test cables
  • In-box cables
  • Satellite Equipment