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250 Size Family

.250" diameter Semi-Rigid cable is used where power and low loss are required along with the reliability and shielding of a Semi-Rigid cable. Larger connectors such as Type N and TNC with extended performance to 18 GHz offer excellent power handling performance.

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Quick Specifications

Cable Code Semi-Rigid
MIL Number  M17/129-RG401  M17/129-00001
Diameter  0.250  0.250
Frequency, Max (GHz)  18  18
Loss @ 5 GHz (dB)  19.0 19.0
Electrical Data    
Impedance, nominal (Ώ)  50  50
Velocity of Propagation (%)  69.5  69.5
Shielding Effectiveness, 1 GHz (dB/ft)  >100  >100
Capacitance (pF/ft)  29.4  29.4
Delay (ns/ft)  1.46 1.46
Mechanical Data    
Weight (lbs/100ft) 10.50 10.50
Temperature Range (˚C) -55 to +125  -55 to +125
Minimum Bend Radius (inch)  0.50 0.50
Construction Data    
Inner Conductor  Solid SCCS  Solid SCCS
Dielectric Solid
First Outer Shield n/a n/a
Second Outer Shield  n/a  n/a
Third Outer Shield  n/a  n/a
Jacket Bare Copper Tin Plated Copper