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Semi-Rigid 047TP

.047 diameter Semi-Rigid cable is often used as an interconnect without connectors. The exposed center conductor and outer jacket are soldered directly to the circuits being connected. Several subminiature connectors also mate well with this diameter and are used where space is at a premium and high loss can be tolerated.

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  • Mode Free Operation to 65 GHz
  • Superior Shielding Effectiveness
  • Stainless Steel Connectors Available
  • Phase Matched Sets Available (standard tolerance is ± one degree per GHz)
  • Maintains Tightly Controlled Mechanical Configurations
  • High Vibration Resistance
  • Light Weight


  • Instrumentation
  • Jumpers
  • Military
  • Satcom
  • Test Cables

Quick Specification

1 33
10 113
18 145
26 190
40 251
60 320

Bend Radius: 0.125 inches (3.2mm)