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Outrigger Heat Sink Resistors

EMC Technology offers the widest selection of chip resistors worldwide. The CRH resistor series with the patented outrigger resistor technology (US 8,994,490) offers substantially improved power handling over conventional resistors without compromising broadband performance. These products offer a significant power handling increase when compared to conventional 0402 and 0603 chip resistors. They are able to do so by using an increased footprint that takes advantage of adjacent ground area on the printed circuit board. 

The CRH series of products is surface mountable and RoHS compliant. They are ideal for price competitive, high volume pick and place applications where more power is needed. The current series is designed and manufactured on alumina ceramic using highly reliable thick film technology. This product is optimized for DC to 27 GHz performance.


Part Number Component Size Power [W] Equivalent Conventional Resistor Conventional Power [W]
CRH0406-F 0.04 x 0.06 0.5 0402 .125
CRH0409-F 0.04 x 0.09 1.0 0402 .125
CRH0607-F 0.06 x 0.07 1.5 0603 .250
CRH0610-F 0.06 x 0.1 1.75 0603 .250