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High Reliability K-Band Thermopads®

EMC Technology’s KTVA high frequency Thermopads are ideal for millimeter-wave amplifiers. These 100mw temperature variable attenuators are wire bondable and designed to work in frequencies from 16 to 36 GHz. The devices are made to work in various narrow frequency bands however we also offer a single version that operates across the entire 16 to 36 GHz range.  The KTVA exhibits excellent out-of-band performance and can be used up to 46 GHz and as low as 2 GHz in some applications.

EMC's K Band Thermopad, temperature variable attenuator, is S-Level qualified for high reliability applications. In space and sattelite, military, and aerospace applications the Thermopad reduces system complexity and cost while improving overall reliability because it is a single passive chip device. The HR series of the KTVA is a 16 - 36 GHz rated part and may be purchased with group A, B, or C testing based on Mil-PRF-55342.

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