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K-Band SMT Thermopads®

EMC Technology’s KTVA high frequency Thermopads are ideal for millimeter-wave amplifiers. KTVA is capable of handling 100mw input power and available in wire bondable and surface mount packages. 

2 bands are offered in this series.

The KTVA chip attenuator is available in designs of 3, 4 and 6 dB and temperature of attenuation coefficients (TCA) values of .003, .004, .005, and .006 dB/dB/deg C with an operating temperature from -55 to +150 ºC. The KTVA design also offers custom frequency band responses for narrow band applications with improved VSWR performance and attenuation accuracy. This product is space qualified and has flight history for those requiring pre-qualified space flight heritage.

KTVA-SMT  Specification Sheet
KTVA-SMTF Specification Sheet
KTVA Packaging Specifications