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Flexible cables pre-tested and qualified for next generation commercial space applications.
Smiths Interconnect announces today the release of the SpaceNXT™ HC Series high reliability temperature variable and fixed chip attenuators for next generation commercial space applications. 
Smiths Interconnect announced today a further step toward improving the customer experience by merging historic legal entities into one. Beginning August 1, 2017, the legal entities “Interconnect Devices, Inc.” and “Smiths Interconnect Microwave Components, Inc.” will legally become “Smiths Interconnect Americas, Inc.”
Smiths Interconnect, a leading provider of technically differentiated electronic components, subsystems, microwave and radio frequency products, announces today the distribution agreement with TTI Asia, a world leading specialist distributor of electronic components.
Smiths Interconnect, a division of Smiths Group plc, today announces it is unifying its technology brands of EMC Technology, Hypertac, IDI, Lorch, Millitech, RF Labs, Sabritec, TECOM, and TRAK under the single brand identity of ‘Smiths Interconnect’.
Florida RF Labs has launched its Next Generation Lab-Flex® Q and Lab-Flex® AF cable assemblies. Both cable lines have gone through extensive qualification testing in order to validate them for today’s rigorous application requirements. With over 40 miles of cable assemblies in space and product on over 150 satellite applications, Florida RF Labs is a world leader in the space market. 
EMC Technology, a global power house in RF/microwave resistives and signal distribution passive components, has released a new series of low-loss wideband hybrid couplers.
Part of the innovative HybriX® signal distribution product family, WH0530TF and WH1727F are the flagships of the new wideband hybrid coupler series.  Optimized for 0.5 to 3.5 GHz, WH0530TF features wideband operation without the performance penalties associated with traditional multi-staged hybrid coupler architecture.  Power combining efficiency is maximized with its low insertion loss and excellent amplitude and phase balance.
The Lab-Flex®Q series utilizes the highest grade, radiation resistant, non-outgassing materials to insure maximum life and high level performance. Construction consists of a robust, low loss, extruded PTFE dielectric housed in a triple shielded outer conductor system for maximum shielding effectiveness. Available in a wide variety of connector combinations, these assemblies come in cable sizes ranging from 0.050” to 0.300” in diameter, operating from DC – 65 GHz.
Following the success of the Diamond RF Resistives® product range, EMC Technology now offers CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders designed to meet today’s demanding requirements for higher power and longer life spans by keeping junction temperatures low and stable. CVD Diamond provides up to 8x the thermal conductivity of traditional materials like AlN and BeO.
Lab-Flex® AF, a modified version of the popular Lab-Flex® series is now available from Florida RF Labs. This new family of cables has been enhanced to perform in typical harsh environments associated with airborne, shipboard and ground-based applications. Florida RF Labs proprietary cable assembly design utilizes a redundant sealing system to prevent water ingress in both cable and connector interfaces and it employs a very durable dielectric design which is able to withstand crushing or kinking. The triple-shielded cable design is protected by an abrasion-resistant jacket which provides excellent protection against damage during installation and general use of the assembly. x