EMC Technology Florida RF Labs

Lab-Flex®Q for Space Flight Applications

The Lab-Flex®Q series utilizes the highest grade, radiation resistant, non-outgassing materials to insure maximum life and high level performance. Construction consists of a robust, low loss, extruded PTFE dielectric housed in a triple shielded outer conductor system for maximum shielding effectiveness. Available in a wide variety of connector combinations, these assemblies come in cable sizes ranging from 0.050” to 0.300” in diameter, operating from DC – 65 GHz.

Thermal Management with CVD Diamond

Following the success of the Diamond RF Resistives® product range, EMC Technology now offers CVD Diamond Heat Spreaders designed to meet today’s demanding requirements for higher power and longer life spans by keeping junction temperatures low and stable. CVD Diamond provides up to 8x the thermal conductivity of traditional materials like AlN and BeO.
Custom designs are offered to meet specific application requirements of size, finish and mounting configuration. Common applications include GaN/GaAs RF power amplifiers, DDL/DPSSL laser diode arrays and high brightness LEDs.