EMC Technology Florida RF Labs

Diamond RF® Enabling Superior Performance

We have supplied the 4000th flight model isolator terminated using a  Diamond RF© chip 50 Ohm low capacitance termination. These unique devices enable excellent isolation combined with superior power handling at frequencies up to 31GHz. Over the past 12 months Diamond terminations have been supplied in space qualified isolators handling 100W at C-Band to 10W at X-Band, the latter having been supplied in large quantities for a  space based earth observation system.

Space/Aerospace Assemblies

Florida RF Labs has launched its Next Generation Lab-Flex®Q and Lab-Flex®AF cable assemblies.

Lab-Flex®Q assemblies are constructed with materials which meet the outgassing requirements of NASA/ESA when tested per ASTM E595. The outer jackets use ETFE material for maximum (>100MRad) radiation resistance.

Lab-Flex®AF assemblies are qualified to MIL-T-81490 and additional requirements found in MIL-STD-810 for harsh environments found in commercial and military aircraft as well as those in shipboard and ground applications.