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Cable Assembly Options

Often, cable types are defined and selected by frequency, available connectors and insertion loss and in some cases may limit the number of cables that can be used.  Low loss cables have dielectrics which are not solid and so can be compressed or “kinked” if mishandled.  Unless the assembly is going to be installed and left alone, the correct options must be added to the assembly in order to extend its life. The first item to be considered is that the cable must survive the install.  For example, when using the Conformable cable, forming too close to the connector may damage the solder joint without the addition of a short solder sleeve behind the connector.  These solder sleeves are standard with our Mini Flex Series as these assemblies are susceptible to the same such damage. With an assembly requiring many flexures, which is typical of test cables, the use of Extended Boots will protect one of most frequent assembly failures which is damage to the connector to cable termination.  Also, adding our Stainless Steel Armor over the outer jacket can prevent the cable from kinking (which may result in core damage).  In outdoor applications, our Weatherization using Polyolefin, Neoprene or PVC coverings will protect the cable and/or Armor from water and dirt intrusions and also protects the cable jacket from UV radiation. The PVC Weatherization protects the base cable and also provides a comfortable, more flexible feel. And when used with Extended Boots, this option makes a very good, light weight hook-up cable.  In addition, a number of armor types are also available.  In general, the Stainless Steel Armor / Weatherized combination is used for long run, field-deployable applications.  The lightweight Monocoil Armor employing a stainless steel strip, is spiral wound to form a long spring-like tube. This spring is covered with a layer of fiberglass and finally a silicone jacket which has excellent flexibility and is a good choice for test cables in harsh environments.  So, while choosing the best cable to meet electrical criteria is important, selecting additional protective coverings may be a necessity to assure reliability of your cable product over time.
Standard Options:
  • A = Armored
  • AW = Armored and Weatherized (PVC)
  • MC = Armored and Weatherized (Monocoil)
  • MP = Armored and Weatherized (Monocoil & Polyolefin)
  • P = Weatherized (PVC)
  • W = Weatherized (Polyolefin)
  • N = Weatherized (Neoprene)
  • D = Dust Caps
  • E = Extended Boots
  • RP = Phase Matched in sets (Relative)
  • AP = Phase Matched to an electrical length (Absolute)
  • RoHS = RoHS Compliant Cable Assembly
Custom Options:
The above options are the most common types used.  Florida RF Labs offers a wide range of cables, connectors and protective options. We invite you to contact the factory with your specific applications for our recommendations.