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Lab-Flex®  AF Family

The Lab-Flex  AF Family is an upgraded version of our popular Lab-Flex cable which has been modified to handle all of the harsh environments associated with most airborne, shipboard and ground-based applications. Our proprietary cable assembly design utilizes a redundant sealing system to ensure moisture resistance to both cable and connector interfaces.  This design has been fully qualified to meet or exceed all the requirements of MIL-T-81490.  It also employs a very durable dielectric design which is able to withstand crushing or kinking. This optimized, triple-shielded cable design is protected by a Nomex jacket which provides abrasion resistance during installation and general use of the assembly.

Attenuation vs. Frequency & Average Power Rating
Phase vs. Temperature & Phase vs. Flexure

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The Solder Sleeve Advantage

One advantage of using our Lab-Flex® cables is the cable to connector termination utilizing our unique solder sleeves. Common methods of cable terminations such as crimping or clamping the outer cable braids to the connector body does not capture all the of the braid, which can lead to intermittent electrical performance and low connector (retention) pull strength. With the Lab-Flex solder sleeve, both the inner and outer braid are directly soldered 360 degrees around the sleeve. This feature provides the best braid to connector termination assuring superior electrical performance and the highest connector (retention) pull strength.


• Designs up to 18 GHz
• Tested and Qualified to MIL-T-81490 & MIL-C-87104
• Redundant Moisture Sealing
• Direct Solder Sleeve to Outer Braid for superior 
  electrical reliability and mechanical integrity
• Hermetic Connectors
      Sealed Connector Interface
      Sealed Cable/Connector junction
      Stainless Steel Connectors
      Extended Boots
• Abrasion Resistant jacket
• Durable ePTFE Dielectric

Typical Applications:

• UAV Guidance Systems
• Aircraft Radar & Antenna Systems
• Aircraft Communication Systems
• Shipboard Communication Systems
• Electronic Warfare Equipment
• Thermal Vacuum Test Assemblies
• Ground Based Communication Systems

Extended Boots
Our extended booting system protects the cable from kinking at the cable-to-connector termination area. This feature uses layers of different lengths and various types of shrink tubing which will distribute the force applied to the cable-to-connector termination over a 3 to 5 inch (7 to 13cm) length of cable, depending on cable diameter and length of the assembly. This method of strain relief is available on all flexible cable assemblies manufactured by Florida RF Labs.