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Rod Resistors

Rod resistors are typically used in wideband high performance coaxial terminations. They feature thin film resistance elements trimmed without kerfs for stable, high frequency characteristics. The high temperature protective coating protects the film during assembly operations. In applications where one end of the rod resistor is soldered directly to the heat sink, power handling as much as 10 times its rated power may be achieved.

Terminations constructed with our rod resistors, when designed properly, will yield a maximum VSWR of 1.05:1 at 4 GHz and 1.1:1 at 12 GHz.

Standard resistance range:10-250 ohms with a tolerance 5%.

Product Selection Table

PowerSubstrateLengthWidthPart #
1Alumina0.1250.040TRM 4-12 XXX,5
2Alumina0.1250.060TRM 6-12 XXX,5
10BeO0.1250.060TRP 6-12 XXX,5
10BeO0.1870.060TRP 6-18 XXX,5
20BeO0.1870.080TRP 8-18 XXX,5
2Alumina0.1870.060TRM 6-18 XXX,5
4Alumina0.1870.080TRM 8-18 XXX,5
2BeO0.1250.040TRP 4-12 XXX,5