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New Thermopads® for Commercial Applications - AN11 Series

This ultra mini Thermopad® offers the smallest 0402 package size for temperature variable attenuator in the industry. The AN11 product line and has excellent frequency response from DC to 6 GHz. This product is value priced and designed for high volume applications.  This variable attenuator is available in designs of 1 and 2dB with temperature attenuation coefficients (TCA) of -.003, through -.007, dB/dB/deg C and with an operating temperature range of -55 to +125 ºC.   The AN11 handles 100mW of input power, requires no bias or control voltages and generates zero distortion. All values of the AN11 are currently available now in RoHS compliant designs. 

AN11-F Specification Sheet

AN11-F Packaging Specifications



Size 1.14mm x 0.64mm [0.045in x 0.025in]
Impedance 50 Ohms
Frequency Range DC to 6 GHz
TCA Tolerance ±0.001 dB/dB/°C
VSWR (Typical) 1.30 @ 1 GHz
Power Rating 100 Milliwatts
Operating Temperature -55°C to 150°C
Substrate Alumina
Resistive Material Thick Film
Terminal Material Thick Film, Lead Free Finish